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Kerala Matrimony

India is the only country where the marriages held in different states as per their tradition and customs. Further, the wedding rituals perform according to sub caste the people belong to. Similarly, the Kerala Matrimony also celebrates with their rituals which are unique and simple and have mesmerizing beauty. Kerala wedding further categorizes into three different forms of wedding rituals: Kerala Christian wedding, Nair wedding and other types of Indian wedding.

Kerala Wedding Rituals

Kerala wedding traditions and rituals are mostly organized as per the Hindu wedding customs. The Nair community of Kerala prefers to find a wedding partner with its own community. They believe it easily helps the couple to easily adjust after marriage and leads their married life successfully and happily.

Wedding rituals start one week before that make the Kerala matrimony a great majestic affair.


In this kind of ritual, muhurtham belongs to find an auspicious date for the wedding. The family priest matches the horoscope of the bride and the groom to find their compatibility with each other.


On this day, an engagement ceremony performs and both the families officially announced the wedding date in front of the couple.

Traditional Revel

The bride’s family arranges a small party before the wedding day in which a traditional vegetarian meal is served to the guest and they together enjoy very well.


The bride’s family welcomes the groom and his family at the wedding venue. The groom’s feet are washed by his father-in-law.


The bride and the groom take the rounds around the holy fire. The groom ties a yellow thread around the bride’s neck known as “Taali” in Kerala tradition and mangalsutra in Hindu tradition. After this, the Kanyadaanam is done by the bride’s father where he gives his daughter hand in the hand of the groom. It signifies that he is forwarding his daughter responsibility over to him.


This welcome ceremony performs in the groom’s house where the mother of the groom heartily welcome the newlywed couple lit with oil lamps.

Jewelry wear by the Kerala Bride

Kasu Mala: This beautiful necklace made with gold coins that combined together.

Palakka Mala: Made of gold engraved with green colored glass.

Karimani Mala: Comes with gold and black beads, it resembles the same as mangalsutra.

Manga Mala: A necklace comes with beautiful curved shaped patterns.

Moonizhamani Mala: Three gold chains connect with a small pendant.

Kolusu: Anklet comes in jhallar style adorned by the Kerala brides.


Simplicity of Kerala is evident in its wedding. The rituals of Kerala Matrimony symbolize a hallmark of their wedding and followed by family members.

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