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Kerala weddings are also sometimes referred to Nair Weddings as they are more or less the perfect example of elegance infused with their simplicity and traditional aspects. In order to find your compatible and suitable Kerala match, you need to go through Kerala Matrimony Login to ensure your swift registration. After that, you will be asked to upload your most recent matrimonial profile on their web portal. The reason why Kerala marriages are different is because of their uniqueness and simplicity. Along with that they also follow their own customs and rituals before the wedding to take place.

The matching of two horoscopes is also known as Jathaka Porutham for marriage Kerala. This is where you find the concept of astrology in real terms. Here, astrology happens to be an integral part in matching of two horoscopes. This is the reason why millions of users like to be a part of leading Kerala matrimony sites to take care of each and every ritual. In this post, we would like to update you with some of the most relevant Jathaka Porutham in Kerala weddings.

Please take a look at a few important Jathaka Porutham for marriage Kerala without which the marriage can’t be accomplished:

The Nischayam Ceremony

The first thing that the family priest is required to do is to study the horoscopes of the bride and the groom. Soon after this, he invites both the families to fix a date for the wedding. He has to follow this ritual after satisfying himself about the matching of two horoscopes. Right after this, the Nischayam Ceremony is finally performed where the announcement of the wedding is done. This particular ritual marks the beginning of a great relationship.

Pre-Nuptial Blessing

Please note that Pre-Nuptial Blessing is quite unique in every Kerala wedding that has to take place a day before the actual wedding takes place. The ceremony is to be attended by all the family members and friends of the bride and groom. The ceremony also has a technical meaning which is to take blessings from the elders of the family. In this ritual, the bride has to wear a ravishing silk saree. On the other hand, groom also has to wear the traditional attire.

Mehendi Ceremony

The mehendi ceremony is yet another ritual that takes place in the most exciting way. The above ceremony is also attended by a plenty of relatives from both the sides of the family members. The entire ritual is celebrated with all the fun and the amusement just like in any other wedding.

Haldi Ceremony

Well, the Haldi ceremony is followed by a number of essential rituals that consists of a paste of haldi (turmeric) and kumkum. The paste is applied to both the faces of the bride and the groom. This ritual is specifically performed in the morning hours on the wedding day itself. The above ceremony is basically known to be pious in the entire Kerala wedding system.

Wedding Rituals

After you make a successful Kerala matrimony login, you start getting all the privileges to find your dream Keraala wedding life partner. The basic wedding rituals are performed at the bride's house. In this ceremony, most of the families try to opt out of booking convention places, temples or gardens. Well, it's done just for the convenience of both the families of bride and the groom.

Dakshina Kodukal

It again signifies a beautiful custom where both the groom and the bride have to touch the feet of their elders before heading for the venue.

Conclusion- If you wish to find your compatible Kerala life partner, you just need to go ahead and make Kerala Matrimony Login.

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